• Create a Productive Company Culture

    Discover the most effective techniques a manager can initiate to create the culture of open communication and appropriate interactions at all levels of your organization.

  • Confidently Deal With Employee Issues

    Managers are judged on how they handle difficult employee relations issues - do it with professionalism and respect and you continue to set the positive organizational culture.

  • Master Effective
    Conflict Resolution

    Ensure your communication to your employees aligns with the respectful and accountable culture you strive to create with a common sense approach to conflict resolution.

Unhappy employees cost companies MILLIONS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR!

Are you facing problems with your team?

Are your employees unhappy, unproductive, chafing at each other and wasting time that could be spent moving the company forward?

All managers face situations like these and you are not alone. Managing people is a rewarding endeavor but it requires addressing conflict and diffusing situations before they escalate.

It’s normal to want to avoid conflict but in order to build a winning team and achieve your goals, facing challenging situations head-on brings results.

This course can help you unlock the tools with which to change your work environment, uplift your employees and become more empowered as a manager.

Unlock Your Managerial Potential

Discover key techniques and tools that will make you a great manager and free up your time to do work you love.


Here’s What Tools You Will Unlock With This Course

  • MODULE 1:
    Create the Culture

    The Cost of a Disengaged Culture
· What it means to have a disengaged team and what consequences that can have for your company

 The Culture of Effective Communication: Starts at the Top
· Setting the right example for communicating with your employees

 Bullies are Not Just at The Playground
· Recognizing and dealing with bad behavior that affects the wellbeing of the entire team

 The Top Techniques to Create a Culture of Empowerment
· Tips and techniques to reverse the negative atmosphere and create empowerment for yourself and your team

  • MODULE 2:
    Address Employee Relations Issues

    Difficult Conversations
    · Finding the courage to have difficult conversations that will prove beneficial in the long-term

    Assessing the Complaint: Illegal Activity Versus Company Policy Violations or Employee Conflicts
    · The important skill of being able to assess employee complaints and how to resolve them

    Assessing Employee Complaints Quiz
    · A useful quiz to help you assess employee complaints

    Effective Complaints
    · Complaints are not always useless and tiresome. They can say a lot about the state of your team. How to assess and deal with them in an effective way

  • MODULE 3:
    Resolve Conflicts

    Reflection Before Resolution
· Taking a step back to assess and reflect before diving into conflict resolution

 Conflict Resolution Tips: Keep the End in Mind
· Conflict is inevitable in life. Learning to effectively manage it is one of the most important skills you can build

 Manager's Toolkit
· Tools to have in your arsenal for becoming an empowered manager and uplifting your team

Empower Yourself to Uplift Your Team

In order for your team to thrive, you must also be empowered and embrace your best self as a manager. With this course, you will uncover all the right tools and techniques to do just that. No more frustration and difficult situations that suck your time and energy. Create a thriving and positive culture and a winning team.

Identify and Resolve Problems Effortlessly

Knowing how to identify and distinguish between illegal activity and company policy violations or employee conflict issues is a valuable tool for every manager. Having difficult conversations and addressing problems head-on may seem daunting, but it can bring results and lay solid foundations for your team moving forward.

Master Conflict Resolution

Get the tools to reflect about your own approach to conflict resolution and the skills needed to encourage de-escalation of conflict in the workplace.

What Patrice’s clients have to say:

  • “Patrice gave me critical feedback which helped me to improve my communication skills and to de-escalate issues with my employee!”


  • “Patrice stood firm in assisting me with an employee who was defiant and determined not to be compliant and go around the policies as best she could. Ultimately, we guided the employee to come in alignment with the policies and return to performing as a productive employee as she was in the past.”


  • “Patrice coached me and further assisted me in attending a meeting with myself and my employee to help de-escalate the high tension between us. The meeting went well and going forward the communication with my employee improved significantly.”



Create a productive and positive work environment and uplift your team.


With Your Host

Patrice Miller

Patrice Miller, author of The Top Five Things to Consider Before Filing an Employee Relations Complaint, and How to File an Effective Complaint has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources (HR) including Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Employee Relations (ER), HR Business Consulting, and Talent Management.

She has coached and trained hundreds of leaders on performance management, leadership development, EEO/ER, conflict resolution.

Patrice holds a Bachelor degree in HR Management and a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Patrice is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) from the Institute in Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

With solid, results-proven tools developed from over 20 years of experience working with Managers in a variety of industries, Patrice can help you turn your team around!

Go from a
and unproductive workplace to a thriving team and a positive culture in just 3 steps!